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How To Elevate Team Communication And Productivity With Slack

How To Elevate Team Communication And Productivity With Slack

Does Slack Boost Productivity and Communication or Drain it?

Remote teams, and online communication is becoming a key part of the modern startup. Apps like Slack replace all emails, text messaging and instant messaging for teams and keeps all these styles of communication in a single app. Slack is one of the fastest growing enterprise softwares of all time, reaching $1 billion in valuation in a little over a year.

Slack’s goal is to increase productivity in the workplace by providing a single hub of communication for employees. This helps teams collaborate and become more productive by coordinating their work, no matter where in the world they might be. Excessive overuse of the app could become a productivity drainer, so it’s important to know how to use the app to best support your teams.

The CEO of WordPress Matt Mullenweg, runs his entire remote team using apps like Slack to communicate. In a podcast with Venture Stories, he recommends that his employees spend 50% of their work hours with the communication apps turned off. This way his employees have time to focus on their important work tasks instead of being dependent on Slack or addicted to replying to questions right away.

How Slack Works Helps Productivity Communication

Slack has options for both direct messages, and channels to create the perfect environment for teams to stay connected. Open channels allow an entire team to all connect in one spot, and you can create a unique channel for every project, topic or conversations between members.

You can also create private channels between specific members that allow sending private information or sensitive data that you only want a few members to see. You can also send direct messages to individuals which works just like a private text or email.

All Your Files, In One Location

One of the lesser known features Slack has, is the ability to drag-and-drop images, PDF’s, spreadsheets and many other files within the app. It can be integrated with google drive and Dropbox so anything that’s shared saves in the cloud for easy access.

Integrations are another way that Slack can improve productivity and communication. We’ve already discussed how Slack integrates with google drive and Dropbox, but there are so many more that make using this app so effective.

You can create a personal channel within slack and use it as your to-do list. Since it’s a private channel only that you can see, you can write your to-do list and reference them later. With this function, Slack can also replace your notes folder.

Slack Integrations That Improve Productivity Communication

  • Google Cal

The Google calendar app is perfect for team events and anything else you keep in your calendar. Every event can have customizable remainders so that everyone stays notified of the upcoming meeting. Using this shared calendar app allows Slack users to get notifications if you’re signed up. Teams can use this to plan meetings, events or create deadlines, so the entire team is on the same page.

  • Paymo

This is another great task management solution for connecting teams and making everyone more productive. This Slack app can track work time, create tasks, and organize files into projects. It has built in notifications, so all users are automatically alerted.

  • Donut

Tools like “Donut” help with team building, and improve communication between employees. This add-on randomly connects users so they can connect and share hobbies, personal stories and start building relationships. The tool can also connect employees with others so they can learn and mentor each other.

Slack also has tons of bots you can use within Slack that can boost your productivity and provide functionality to almost anything you need. There are bots for analytics, communication, file management, marketing, productivity and almost every other subject.

It’s Easier For Teams To Access Everything

Slack makes it easy to track everything and search it within one location. The search box is more advanced than your standard email search box, and allows you to find any file, message, event or group within the search box.

You’re able to star messages, files and groups so you can access the most important things faster than ever before. This helps you stay productive as you’re spending less time hunting around for that file or message that you lost three days ago.

Slack Wins For Productivity Communication

There is a simple reason slack has grown to a billion dollar valuation so fast, and why companies around the world are taking it on. It helps teams stay connected, collaborating and productive, all within one seamless, easy-to-use platform.

The integrations and bots listed above are just the surface of why this tool is so useful.

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