Keeping your network secure is easily the most important thing you can do to protect your business from the threats of the internet.

It seems like every other day we see new security breach headlines of financial institutions, grocery stores, credit agencies, etc. But what people often overlook is the fact that we are all targets for cybercriminals to some degree. Small businesses are especially susceptible to cybercrime as they often do not have the correct resources to protect their network assets effectively.

Even while understanding the importance of good network security, our customers often struggle with developing, updating, and enforcing IT management and security policies that protect their critical information. That’s where Skyen comes in. In order to protect the privacy, accuracy, security, and integrity of your data, Skyen will develop and maintain a comprehensive IT Management and Security Policy that includes the following:

· Acceptable Use
· Social Media
· Media Access / Portable Storage
· Mobile Devices
· Password Security
· Laptop Security
· Administrative Rights
· Network Data
· Remote Access
· More

Training organizational leaders and staff is also critical. If they understand the serious organizational consequences of a data security breaches and how to avoid them, they will be more engaged in following the defined security protocols which result in a secure environment. Skyen will work with your staff and help them develop the skills they need to employ best practices in your business

For more information about our data security policies and practices, reach out and schedule an appointment with our engineering team today.