You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Take the Plunge Sooner!

If you’re considering purchasing a new business phone system or replacing your old one, it’s time to ask yourself if you should choose VoIP over analog. While a traditional analog system might be more familiar, there are plenty of reasons why VoIP can benefit your business and make your life easier. Here are some of the top benefits of replacing your analog phone system with a VoIP phone system.

Productivity Improvements

Once you have installed it, a VoIP system is much easier to use than an analog phone system. It can drastically improve your productivity because it offers a lot of business features that analog does not provide. The features are based on simple software that is very user-friendly, and you can perform tasks such as call transferring and call conferencing, which are either complicated or nonexistent in analog phone systems. A VoIP system is also super easy to install – anyone with basic computer proficiency can manage it.

Quality of Service

VoIP systems work over the internet by sending and receiving voice signals – or data. They are offered by many providers around the world, and the platforms are completely scalable and easy to manage. This means that you get outstanding service no matter how quickly your business grows. Traditional networks are unable to keep up with growing businesses, but VoIP offers full functionality to whatever extent your company grows.

Cost Reduction

A VoIP system is much more cost-effective than traditional analog. All calls, including long-distance calls, are unlimited. You can save huge amounts of money with VoIP versus paying for local and international calls. You also benefit from the awesome phone features that VoIP offers, such as Voice Mail, Call Recording, Auto Attendant and others, which cost more when you are using a traditional service. Analog can’t even support some of these features. Basically, you can do a lot more without having to pay an arm and a leg to do it. Reduced overhead is definitely one of the main reasons that VoIP service is superior.


VoIP services can be totally integrated with your PC applications – even with fax and email. This makes it a great deal more flexible than traditional analog, and your workflow will be even more efficient because your employees can collaborate and integrate all of their communications within one application instead of having many different areas where they communicate and store information.

VoIP is also the perfect option for call centers, as it’s great for outsourcing work to other parts of the country or world. If your company works with remote employees, it’s by far the most viable option because it enables workers from all different locations and time zones to connect with each other without added costs and with the technology in place that makes it easy to do so.

VoIP services offer plenty of benefits to companies of all sizes. When you’re debating between sticking with your analog phone system or moving over to VoIP, don’t forget to consider all of these perks and to seek out a reputable provider that can set it up quickly and ensure you enjoy all the benefits you deserve. You’ll wonder why you didn’t take the plunge sooner once you see what a perfect workplace solution it is!

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