Potential Savings Using Outsourced IT – Could Be As Much As 35%

Potential Savings Using Outsourced IT – Could Be As Much As 35%

Here’s How to Save Money by Outsourcing Your IT.

As small and medium businesses grow, many seek the help of managed service providers (MSPs) to help with IT system maintenance and repairs. This is all about streamlining—offloading the time-consuming work of system management while staying focused on your core business and customer service.

Although there are many benefits to utilizing MSPs, the most powerful one is the way it effects the bottom line: Save money by letting a competent, experienced MSP handle the day-to-day intricacies of IT management. Delegating IT services decreases unnecessary spending  and will eventually affect productivity and revenue.

Here are four specific ways MSPs affect the bottom line:

  1. Labor Savings

    When trying third-party solutions, there’s always that tension between keeping costs down and getting quality Adding MSPs means you get both. These companies hire premier talent, making exceptional independent contractors, freelancers, and other qualified specialists available to your business at a much lower rate than hiring independently. MSPs ensure that you don’t need to compromise quality or break the bank in order to remain competitive. You get better quality at a lower rate,  and pay for only what you need.

  2. Lower Compliance Cost

    MSPs can offer great quality in tech servicing, but they can also oversee the security of your data. As industry demands grow and change, so do the countless tech regulations and compliance requirements across a number of different industries. Failure to adhere to these codes and rules could result in substantial fines or make your data vulnerable, which could hurt public image and business. MSPs can be trusted to check and ensure compliance, which requires meticulous experts familiar with the latest requirements. Delegating this frees in-house IT to focus on projects more directly related to productivity.

  3. Software License Savings

    Maintaining licensing can pose a problem in two ways: maintaining too many unneeded licenses, and not updating necessary licenses. Continuing to pay licensing fees for unnecessary or outdated software wastes money, while operating with unregistered, unlicensed software can present more compliance liability. MSPs can spend the time necessary to ensure that licensing is current and that you’re not wasting money on excessive spending or losing it through penalty fines.

  4. Reduced Downtime

    When systems crash or hardware stops working, so do your employees, and so does your business. This downtime is one of the most serious threats to productivity and revenue. Instead of placing this burden on a smaller in-house IT team, recruiting an MSP allows for more eyes and more years of expertise on the problem, offering quicker solutions and new system improvements to prevent future downtime. MSPs can also help companies face the daunting tasks of disaster recovery: lost data, damaged hardware, and a number of other unforeseen circumstances. An expert third-party team can get business  back on track in no time.

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