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Creating new projects in Asana Project Management Application

Creating new projects in Asana Project Management Application

Guidelines on how to create projects in Asana

  • 4 key components for Projects:
  • Initiate the project; scope and goal, outcome to target, resource allocation. Planning- time-line and responsibilities, bulk of time organizing, action items, feasible time line.
  • Executing; delivery.
  • Monitoring: progress over ¬†time

When in Asana there are two spots you can select to create a new project. There is a + in a red circle near the search bar, to the left. Or, on the left side there is + sign next to projects. Select either of these to create a new project

Your new project will need a name, this should be an actionable item. Next you will select the team involved with the project, then you will add a detailed description of what goals you would like the project to achieve and how you will reach these goals. The layout is user preference and the privacy is determined by the sensitivity of the project. Once all info is added select Create Project

There is also the option to choose an existing template which will include templates that have been custom created by skyen

Next you can add tasks and sections. Hover over the add task icon and the add section can be selected

Examples of sections are In progress, Almost Done, and completed

to add tasks see Asana 101 training

You will need to assign team members to tasks that have actionable items as well as a description. Then give them a due date.  After selecting the team member you can determine their notification settings for updates

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